Once upon a time, Glacial Reality.

Earth was struck by a new ice age.

Winters started to get longer, and frost perniciously penetrated even the most robust dwellings.

The cold got more and more intense, and gusting northern winds relentlessly blew over the city. Electrical structures gave way under the weight of ice, and aqueducts turned into crystal tunnels.

Scared and hostages of the situation, humans did their best to find a solution.

Facing an urgent desire to preserve their heritage and history, they built 400 meters wide domes all around the world to salvage some locations from an impending destruction.


The Immersive


Time travel

The purpose of Glacial Reality, a virtual reality experience, is to give life to a location’s cultural heritage through a fictional work. We generate the future from a tangible location where the visitor takes place. This ongoing game between present time and a virtual universe makes Glacial Reality a one-of-a-kind project that goes beyond an ordinary virtual reality experience. It is a project bound to be rolled out throughout the world.

To enjoy this experience, the user takes place, alone, within a cube of a few square-meter diameter and wears a helmet that takes him to a new audio and visual universe within seconds.


For the user, the virtual experience begins in the physical cube. Suddenly, the cube walls cave in and the user discovers the magnitude of the fictional universe he was carried into.

Inside the dome, the atmosphere is puzzling. The scenery provides some visual references since some of the main buildings were preserved, while others are damaged or have completely disappeared. Time seems to stand still underneath this frosted dome.


The Creators

One dome, one artist.

Each Glacial Reality project is designed in collaboration with a citizen artist who uses the dome as a playground to share his/her vision of his/her city’s cultural heritage. It can evoke memories of a more or less distant past or anticipate the future, while respecting the history of the cultural heritage. This combination between past and future, cultural heritage and the artist’s vision surely creates something unique. This is the starting point of the experience.

The strength of this project is the fact that no matter where the event takes place, the experience is unique since it is immersed in the spirit of that place. In addition, an associated artist will be assigned to each cube. The content of the dome created by STUDIO ELEMENT will serve as the artist's playground, allowing him to express his vision of the memories and the future. The aesthetic and narrative proposal will then be specific to each location since it represents an individual's vision.
From this point, everything is possible.


STUDIO ELEMENT is an independent post-production studio managed and operated by image and technology enthusiasts. Since its opening in February 2005, its team produced many ads for television and cinema, TV series, fictions, documentaries, adventure movies, children's movies, corporate videos, music videos as well as projections and visuals for multimedia setups.

With Glacial Reality, STUDIO ELEMENT adds another string to its bow with a cutting-edge, virtual reality project.